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Kolbasyuk S.Y.


UDC 37.01


Kolbasyuk S.Y.1 (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) –

1Novosibirsk Higher Military Command Order of Zhukov School

Abstract. Military-professional orientation is a dynamically developing phenomenon. One of the trends in its development is the specialization of content, its orientation to the features of specific military specialties. The quality of military-professional orientation is determined by how much it contributes to the professional self-determination of a general education student. Quality criteria are: professional orientation, validity of professional choice, readiness for professional activity and professional development. According to each of the criteria, improving the quality of military-professional orientation is possible on the basis of taking into account the unique values and meanings of military specialties, the peculiarities of their content and the professional tasks being solved, and the conditions of professional activity. In this sense, military-professional orientation to the specialties of military and deep intelligence, on the one hand, is the most difficult due to increased requirements for its subject, and, on the other hand, has a number of advantages that can be used in military-professional orientation. Military-professional orientation to the specialties of military and deep intelligence is becoming additional in the system of military-professional orientation conducted by a military university. The article highlights the peculiarities of the specialties of military and deep intelligence, received characteristics of three areas of development of military-professional orientation of students of a comprehensive school. The materials of the article can be used in the study of the problems of the development of military-professional orientation systems of military universities, as well as in practical activities in military-professional orientation and professional selection of students in general education schools in the specialty of intelligence.

Keywords: military-professional orientation, profession, specialty, intelligence, supplement, directions.


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For citation: Kolbasyuk S.Y. Military-professional orientation of schoolchildren to intelligence specialties. CITISE, 2023, no. 2, pp. 392-401. DOI: