ISSN 2409-7616

Schedule of publishing issues

Edition of the scientific and analytical journal “CITISE” accepts scientific papers (articles) for publishing according to the requirements to the editions, recommended Web of Science and by VAK (Higher Attestation Commission) of the Russian Federation and the approved plan of the Editorial Council for 2021:

  • Issue 1 – articles are accepted till March 10* (date of publishing – March).
  • Issue 2 – articles are accepted till  June 10* (date of publishing – June).
  • Issue 3 – articles are accepted till September 10* (date of publishing – September).
  • Issue 4 – articles are accepted till December 01* (date of publishing – December).

The articles which are not in time for publishing in the regular issue of the journal, are accepted for the next issue.

*By decision of the editorial board – it is possible to extend the time for receiving the material.