ISSN 2409-7616

Grebennikova V.M., Uzunova G.P.


UDC 377


Grebennikova V.M.1 (Krasnodar, Russian Federation) –, Uzunova G.P.2 (Simferopol, Russian Federation) –

1Kuban State University

2Open Tauride College

Abstract. The article is devoted to the problem of implementing an individually differentiated approach to the lifelong education of a college teacher, accompanying his professional and personal development and professional growth. The author, based on the results of theoretical analysis, develops a technology of information and methodological support for the process of designing an individual trajectory of professional growth for college teachers, which not only outlines the content and sequence of activities of the information and methodological service of the college, but also reveals the variable principles of organizing a system for providing targeted assistance to each teacher , taking into account the peculiarities of his professional and personal development. The article presents the results of a pedagogical experiment, which consists in testing the presented technology in a number of colleges of the river. Crimea and lasted for four years. 130 college teachers with different teaching experience and different educational needs took part in the pedagogical experiment. To organize a pedagogical experiment, the author developed external and internal criteria for the professional growth of college teachers, with the help of which pedagogical monitoring of the features of the professional development of teachers in the experimental and control groups during four years of their professional activity was carried out. Based on the monitoring results, a conclusion is made about the possibility and expediency of organizing information and methodological support in each college, which implements variable programs to assist teachers in building their individual trajectory of their own professional growth.

Keyword: continuous pedagogical education, individual educational trajectory, professional growth, professional development, college teachers, information and methodological support.


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For citation: Grebennikova V.M., Uzunova G.P. Technology of information and methodological support of professional growth of a college teacher. CITISE, 2023, no. 2, pp. 372-381. DOI: