ISSN 2409-7616

Bazilevich S.V., Lipkina E.D., Malygina M.V.


UDC 338.024.01


Bazilevich S.V.1 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –; Lipkina E.D.1 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –; Malygina M.V.2 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –

1Omsk State Transport University

2Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports

Abstract. The article discusses approaches to the implementation of an innovative product. The authors characterize the activities of JSC “ONIIP” – the largest research and production complex in Siberia. The authors of the work, based on a SWOT analysis of JSC ONIIP, show that the company lacks a good marketing system, which would help increase demand for products through advertising. It was revealed that the opportunity to diversify should be taken advantage of, this will make a good contribution to expansion in the market. The authors studied the innovative product developed by JSC “ONIIP” – ultrasonic baths. A comparative analysis of the innovative product of the Soltek and TEKMANN companies led to the conclusion that the company JSC ONIIP has every opportunity to develop innovation. At the moment, the enterprise is diversifying through the introduction of technology from NPO Ultrasound Systems on the basis of their cooperation agreement. The authors reviewed the advantages of the company’s products and their effectiveness. It has been established that the products of the company NPO Ultrasound Systems have economical and high-quality advantages and effects from them. Therefore, ultrasonic baths are becoming more and more in demand on the market. For the development and implementation of an innovative product, the general technical parameters of ultrasonic systems are considered. After a general review of the company’s products, they were classified depending on the types of ultrasonic systems. The authors proposed their own version of the implementation stages for this innovative product. After conducting market research and comparing several competitors, it was revealed that each company has both weaknesses and strengths, but at the moment ONIIP JSC is inferior only in that its competitors have a more developed product promotion system. The analysis carried out by the authors showed that the introduction of innovative products forms the basis for the scientific and technological progress of the organization. Based on the analysis and evaluation of the developed product, its advantages and disadvantages were determined. The disadvantages include an imperfect system for promoting innovative products on the market. The authors note that at the moment there are a lot of ways to promote products. However, depending on the specifics of the product, not everyone may be suitable. In this regard, the authors proposed the following methods of product promotion: SEO optimization, contextual advertising, SERM, Usability. Calculations of the effectiveness of product promotion at JSC “ONIIP” were carried out.

Keywords: innovative product, ultrasonic baths, market, JSC ONIIP, SWOT – analysis, competitors, company products, promotion.


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For citation: Bazilevich S.V., Lipkina E.D., Malygina M.V. Individual approaches to the implementation of an innovative product. CITISE, 2024, no. 1, pp. 654-675. DOI: