ISSN 2409-7616

Beznosyuk E.V., Kulikova L.B.


UDC 371.4


Beznosyuk E.V.1 (Evpatoria, Russian Federation) –; Kulikova L.B.2 (Kherson, Russian Federation) –

1Crimean Federal University named after V.I. Vernadsky

2Kherson State Pedagogical University

Abstract. Analysis of the social order of the modern education system, research in the field of philosophy, sociology and theory of domestic education, psychology of modern teachers and students, generalization of practical experience in managing the development of education in the region made it possible to identify the most relevant areas of educational policy that require the integration of the socio-pedagogical potential of the regions for the effective solution of related problems with them that have immediate and long-term social consequences. Social and pedagogical design makes it possible to organize and implement the joint participation of representatives of the education system with various groups of partners in the preparation of joint plans in areas and areas related to mutual influence; develop joint actions and educational campaigns in priority areas of education development in the region. The article presents a theoretical analysis of the problems of introducing socio-pedagogical design in an educational organization. Theoretical research methods were used to substantiate the multidimensionality of the phenomenon of socio-pedagogical design, which in the context of the study is defined as an algorithmized and targeted research activity aimed at changing the social environment with the aim of successfully socializing the personality of students, as well as stimulating their independence and cognitive activity. Socio-pedagogical design involves studying and taking into account the content of the social order, the characteristics of the social environment, way of life, national and other sociocultural factors influencing the functioning of educational institutions.

Keywords: design, social and pedagogical design, project activities, educational organization.


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For citation: Kovalenko N.V., Timoshenko A.G. Institutional factors of regional innovation growth. CITISE, 2024, no. 1, pp. 465-471. DOI: