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Ivanov M.A.


UDC 373.1


Ivanov M.A.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –

1School No. 2025

Abstract. The article reveals the problem of psychological and pedagogical conditions of formation of personal educational results in extracurricular activities. Scientific novelty consists in obtaining experimental data on the indicators of manifestation of the formation of personal educational results in the framework of extracurricular activities of students in humanities disciplines; development and approbation of the methodology of development of personal educational results in the framework of extracurricular activities of students in humanities disciplines. The author analyses pedagogical and methodical literature to define the concepts of psychological and pedagogical conditions, extracurricular activities. The article considers an example of psychological and pedagogical conditions of formation of personal educational results in extracurricular activities in the process of education in humanities disciplines of basic school students. The author describes the experience of work of the literary circle, the content of the circle work is disclosed by means of the educational and thematic plan, a fragment of which is presented in the article. The author lists the forms of work tested in practice, effective for the development of students’ personality (conversations, discussions, practical exercises, text analysis, memorisation, independent search for information for reports and quizzes, presentation and protection of information, group work, dramatisation, visits to theatres and cinemas, independently organised by students) and ways of forming personal educational results within the framework of extracurricular activities of students in humanities disciplines (discussion and analysis, The correlation between students’ participation in extracurricular activities and successful formation of personal results is analysed. The experience of the literary circle described in the article can be useful for teachers of other general education organisations interested in the development of personal results of students.

Keywords: psycho-pedagogical conditions, extracurricular activities, personality, personal educational results of students, upbringing.


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For citation: Ivanov M.A. Psychological and pedagogical conditions for the formation of personal educational results in extracurricular activities. CITISE, 2024, no. 1, pp. 154-164. DOI: