ISSN 2409-7616

Sigidenko S.Yu.


UDC  378


Sigidenko S.Yu.1 (Perm, Russian Federation) –

1Perm Military Institute of Forces National Guard of the Russian Federation

Abstract. The article discusses the current requirements for instilling and improving military professional capabilities among cadets of military universities, in the course of updating the content of education, conducting classes, as well as in the daily activities of the divisions of the National Guard of the Russian Federation. The article reflects the recommendations in the preparation of cadets for pedagogical activity in the system of continuous education “school-military university of the National Guard”. The directions, conditions for the organization of continuous education focused on continuity are indicated, which allows preparing a student for studying at a university, mastering the necessary baggage of knowledge and skills, providing himself with training for military service and increasing educational potential for professional growth in teaching. As part of the study, we revealed the current level of formation of professional competence, the future teacher; the dynamics of educating the professional competence of the future teacher. It was revealed that future teachers have a low level of interest in their future professional activities, there is an inability of students to set goals, the order and methods of achieving them, as well as their implementation. For the most qualitative organization and improvement of the training of teaching staff in the system “school-military university of the Russian Guard”, a number of measures for further mutual understanding and mutual assistance in pedagogical activities aimed at training and educating schoolchildren involved in the continuous education program for the formation of elite cadres of military specialists of the Russian Guard are defined.

Keywords: continuing education, pedagogical activity, skill, competence, education.


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For citation: Sigidenko S.Yu. Provision of preparation of cadets for pedagogical activity in the system of lifelong education. CITISE, 2023, no. 3, pp. 149-158. DOI: