ISSN 2409-7616

Bazilevich S.V., Lipkina E.D., Malygina M.V.


UDC 339.138:659.152


Bazilevich S.V.1 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –, Lipkina E.D.1 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –, Malygina M.V.2 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –

1Omsk State Transport University

2Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports

Abstract.     The article deals with the issues of exhibition project management. The authors gave a description of the stages of the implementation of the project «PromTechExpo» IEC «Intersib» in the city of Omsk. The hierarchy of work on the project is presented based on the stages of project implementation. The authors of the work, based on the structural decomposition of works, developed a calendar plan for integrated works. The application of this work plan by dates in the practice of IEC Intersib very clearly reflects all the work and the deadlines for their implementation, which will allow for high-quality control of performance results. The authors developed a plan of resources for the project Siberian Industrial and Innovation Forum “PromTechExpo”. The total costs for the entire period of the project implementation for certain project works, as well as the required number of man-hours for the implementation of this exhibition project, are described. Due to the fact that the management of the project team is the most important part in the implementation of the project, the authors proposed the organizational structure of the team of the exhibition project of the Siberian Industrial Innovation Forum “PromTechExpo”. Based on the proposed organizational structure, project roles are formed for the implementation of the exhibition project. The authors proposed their own version of building a responsibility matrix, based on the structural decomposition of work, as well as on the basis of the identified project roles, which clearly fixes not only the responsibility of each project participant, but also their powers. The analysis carried out by the authors showed that as a result of purposeful and systematic actions in accordance with the implementation calendar plan of the PromTechExpo project, there is a high probability of increasing efficiency and financial returns while optimizing time costs. The authors note that the introduction of project management will reduce the time by 150 days, thereby freeing up financial and human resources that can be attracted to perform other production tasks, as well as increase staff motivation, strengthen team spirit and enhance the factors of self-organization of processes, when the correct management of one element inevitably leads to the harmonization of the entire system.

Keywords: exhibition project, INTERSIB IEC, calendar plan, project team management, responsibility matrix, project roles, efficiency, system.


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For citation: Bazilevich S.V., Lipkina E.D., Malygina M.V. Practical aspects of exhibition organization project management. CITISE, 2023, no. 1, pp. 82-101. DOI: