ISSN 2409-7616

Avdeeva R.A.


УДК 336.648


Abstract. The article considers the advantages of the leasing form of debt financing of entrepreneurship in the current crisis conditions of external economic shocks and high uncertainty before bank lending. The key aspect of this advantage is the direct impact of leasing on the expansion of investment and operating activities of enterprises by updating the main production capital (the introduction of more advanced technologies into production, the introduction of fundamentally new equipment that allows to reduce production costs and increase profitability of production). It is noted that the development of leasing financing processes has a positive impact on the micro- and macroeconomic level by maintaining the stability of investment demand, production and gross output. The review of regulatory legal acts regulating leasing relations is carried out. The main methods of calculating lease payments used in Russian and world economic practice are described. The advantages and disadvantages of using such methods of calculating lease payments as the advance method, the fixed total amount method and the annuity method were analyzed using the example of leasing financing for the purchase of equipment for the Joint–Stock Company “Road Construction Management No. 3” (JSC “RCM No. 3”) operating in the Republic of Adygea. The actual lease payments of the enterprise were calculated using the advance method. Hypothetical calculations were used to make the necessary comparisons. As a result of the analysis, it was revealed that the smallest final payment for the enterprise is formed using the annuity method, compared with the advance method and the fixed total amount method. Also, the advantages of using the annuity method is the right of the lessee to sublease the leasing property, which can provide an additional inflow of income, and reduce risks by simplifying and systematizing settlements with the leasing company.

Keywords: leasing, leasing payments, advance method, annuity method, fixed total amount method.


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For citation: Avdeeva R.A. On the issue of choosing the optimal method of calculating lease payments in modern business practice. CITISE, 2023, no. 1, pp. 71-81. DOI: