ISSN 2409-7616

Bazilevich S.V., Lipkina E.D., Malygina M.V.


UDC 338.24:330.131.7


Bazilevich S.V.1 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –; Lipkina E.D.1 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –; Malygina M.V.2 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –

1Omsk State Transport University

2Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports

Abstract.   The article discusses the issues of risk management of an innovative project. The authors gave a description of the products of JSC “ONIIP. One of the areas of activity is ensuring the full life cycle of a product from idea to mass production, conducting R&D. The authors of the work present the full life cycle of the project, consisting of 5 stages. JSC “ONIIP” has sufficient opportunities for industrial cooperation. The structure of JSC “ONIIP” is presented, which is determined by the following main factors: the size of the enterprise; industry; level of technology and specialization of the enterprise. The authors of the work focus on the risks of implementing innovative projects. In particular, during the study of project documentation and when performing work on the innovative project “Uragan-N”, the authors identified risks the likelihood of which could negatively affect the progress of implementation: production risks; risk of work in progress; financial risks; risks associated with supplies. The authors chose the method of expert risk analysis to assess risks. To carry out the analysis, an expert group was formed from project participants and a risk manager hired from the consulting company ROSOTSENKA. The composition of the commission is competent. The selection criteria for commission members were: occupation, work experience and level of qualifications in the profile of interest. The analysis carried out by the authors showed that the total score for each issue is quite high, from which it follows that the risk associated with the production of radio equipment and financial risk, according to experts, pose a serious danger to the implementation of the project. To assess the impact of risks on project management, the authors recommended a risk map. For each risk, the magnitude of possible losses and the probability of occurrence in points were determined. A risk index was calculated. The authors indicate the degree of impact of risks on project management at JSC ONIIP and the level of risk relative to the degree of its impact on the project management process. The authors found that the degree of impact of risks on the management of innovative projects at JSC “ONIIP” at the initial stage of the project is quite high. Production and financial risks have the highest impact on the project, thereby complicating the process of implementation and project management. Financial and supply risks have a less serious impact, but, nevertheless, these risks also require attention and control so that their impact on the project does not increase, and during the implementation of risk minimization measures, it decreases. The analysis carried out by the authors showed that the activities of JSC “ONIIP” as a whole can be characterized as effective.

Keywords: risk management, innovative project, expert risk analysis method, project management, risk map, production and financial risks.


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For citation: Bazilevich S.V., Lipkina E.D., Malygina M.V. Analytical aspects of innovation project risk management. CITISE, 2024, no. 1, pp. 688-706. DOI: