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Buzoev A.S.


UDC 378


Buzoev A.S.1 (Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation) –

1North Ossetian State University named after K.L. Khetagurova

Abstract. The article is devoted to the study of the problem of developing a healthy lifestyle for students as a modern valeological problem in pedagogical theory and practice. The main mechanism of the purposeful process of forming in students a value-based attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, the article presents the technology of valeological education as the process and result of students mastering scientific knowledge and cognitive skills, developing on their basis valeological consciousness, a culture of health, expanding the reserve capabilities of the body through the activation of physical education – health-improving activities. It should be noted that a person’s attitude towards a healthy lifestyle is determined largely by his mental attitudes, determined by subconscious tendencies to approach the problem in a certain way, using past experience, habits, cognitive processes, etc. Based on this, one can adhere to the position that a person interested in strengthening his health by leading a healthy lifestyle needs to study his body and his personality. The basis for this is the technology of valeological training and education. At all times, physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, physical education and health activities, and sports have occupied an important place in human life. A healthy lifestyle is a certain way of human life, in the structure of which the features of its rational organization can be traced, while this way of human life basically contains fundamental moral principles that make it possible to provide adequate protection from negative influences from the environment and at the same time provide the opportunity to ensure the proper preservation of one’s moral, mental and physical health until a very old age, on the condition that a person demonstrates the proper degree of creative activity.

Keywords: healthy lifestyle, valeological education, education of students, value attitude to health.


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For citation: Buzoev A.S. Forming a healthy lifestyle of students as a valeological problem of pedagogy. CITISE, 2023, no. 4, pp. 508-517. DOI: