ISSN 2409-7616

Ader A.V., Dudko A.V., Emets M.S., Krivolapov V.G., Laneeva E.A.


UDC 330.332


Ader A.V.1 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) – mаrtа892010@mа, Dudko A.V.2 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) – dudkо11111@mа, Emets M.S.2 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) –, Krivolapov V.G.1 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) – viасheslаvkrivоlаpоv@gmаil.соm, Laneeva E.A.3 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –

1Samara State University of Railways

2Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

3State University of Management

Abstract. The modern construction industry, for its positive development, requires the presence of investment flows, which allows not only the formation of new real estate objects, but also a positive impact on the budget financing of the region. Investment flows can be attracted from various sources, one of which is through the implementation of development projects. The article reveals the features of the functioning of development as a type of investment management, and some specific features of the mechanism of state regulation of investment in commercial real estate in Russia. Various probabilistic risks are considered when conducting development operations in the real estate market in Russia. Modern development is a more advanced method of managing financial flows in the real estate market, since it combines not only forms of investment, but also the development and functioning of real estate objects of various typologies: a specific investment object can increase profitability due to additional technical, aesthetic, economic transformation, thereby providing value the property itself. The presented material is based on an accounting of the current conceptual framework for the development, functioning and riskiness of commercial real estate development. The result of development is the emergence of a new real estate object that satisfies certain needs of business and the population, and by its characteristics, such as materiality, durability, high capital intensity, participation in a number of production cycles related to capital goods, one can trace some signs of investment capital management. The creation of each commercial real estate property is a special investment project, since the basis for the profitability of managing investment funds is possible only with the use of specific management financial mechanisms. Modern commercial real estate is not just the object of a transaction, it is also an object of strategic development of the construction plan of the municipality and territory.

Keywords: development, commercial real estate, investments, investment management, investment policy, financing, shares, investment and construction project.


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For citation: Ader A.V., Dudko A.V., Emets M.S., Krivolapov V.G., Laneeva E.A. Investment management of commercial real estate. CITISE, 2023, no. 4, pp. 225-240. DOI: