ISSN 2409-7616

Kargapolova E.V., Fedotova S.D., Otrashkevich V.S., Ivanova I.V.


UDC 378


Kargapolova E.V.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –, Fedotova S.D.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –, Otrashkevich V.S.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –, Ivanova I.V.2 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –

1Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

2Moscow State Linguistic University

Abstract. Sociocultural space of modernity is characterised by diffused role models and by the existence of false idols. This actualises the need to study the perceptions of heroes and heroism among Russian students. In this case, we take into consideration that Russian student community is a social group that drives the social system. Based on the results of the empirical study, the students’ perceptions of the literary character – the hero of our time – are analyzed. The vast majority of the respondents consider that a hero of our time doesn’t belong to the present and is not thought to be “our” contemporary. Half of the number of the surveyed think that a hero of our time is a character of fiction literature of the golden age of Russian literature. It shows us the enforced resort to the image of the past, emerging from the lack of proper image of the Man, human dignity, virtues of the present and the past. Foreign literature of the 20th century, as shown by the survey, corresponds to the interests of the youth, regarding the image of a hero to a larger extent than Russian literature of the same period. The generalised image of a hero is said by the vast majority of our survey’s respondents to have the following qualities: courage, bravery, honesty and kindness, which manifest themselves in difficult life circumstances. At the same time, the image of a “fighter against the system” is also appealing amid the pessimistic perception of contemporary social realities. The authors also note the radically different perception of the same hero by different respondents, which identifies the level of clarity of the image of a hero of our time.

Keywords: a hero of our time, student community, sociocultural environment, fiction, literature.


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For citation: Kargapolova E.V., Fedotova S.D., Otrashkevich V.S., Ivanova I.V. A hero of our time in the sociocultural environment of the modern Russian student community (using the example of the universities of Astrakhan and Moscow). CITISE. 2023. no. 4. pp. 7-24. DOI: