ISSN 2409-7616

Bazilevich S.V., Lipkina E.D., Malygina M.V.


UDC 339.138:659.152


Bazilevich S.V.1 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –, Lipkina E.D.1 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –, Malygina M.V.2 (Omsk, Russian Federation) –

1Omsk State Transport University

2Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports

Abstract. The article deals with the issues of exhibition activity: the concept of exhibition activity, the classification of exhibitions. The authors gave a description of the activities of the International Exhibition Center “INTERSIB” in the city of Omsk. The projects implemented by IEC “INTERSIB. The article presents the stages of planning an exhibition project: setting goals and setting the main tasks, structuring the future project, performing work within the framework of the planned structure of the future project, developing advertising products, distributing information, creating groups in social networks to promote and popularize the event, anticipation of possible risk factors in order to reduce the possibility of non-fulfillment of the planned goals and objectives, to combine the work of filling out the applications of participants, collecting objects and materials for the design of expositions, selecting exhibits, their certification. The authors proposed the specifics of project management by this company at each stage of the project implementation. This specificity is represented by the following stages: planning an exhibition event, forming a list of participants in an exhibition project, an advertising campaign, preparing an exhibition space, holding an exhibition event, closing a project where exhibition equipment is dismantled, financial statements are compiled for the exhibition, the effectiveness of the project is assessed, and project documentation is also formed and a report is provided to the customer of the project. The analysis of the exhibition project management carried out by the authors showed that the IEC is not a beginner in the field of project management, therefore, at each stage, on the way to project implementation, the company uses a sufficient number of tools and methods. The authors of the article developed a passport for the PromTechExpo project, built according to a standard form that is relevant for all projects implemented by this company. The authors note that the exhibition “PromTechExpo” was very effective. All goals and objectives set on the way to the implementation of this exhibition project have been achieved.

Keywords: exhibition activities, IEC “INTERSIB”, financial and economic activities, marketing communications, advertising, project approach, organizational structure.


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For citation: S.V. Bazilevich, Lipkina E.D., Malygina M.V. Analytical aspects of management and implementation of exhibition projects. CITISE, 2023, no. 1, pp. 38-55. DOI: