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1Ural State University of Economics

Abstract. The infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses is a significant element of support and development of this sector, contributing to the sustainable development of the region. The purpose of the study is to carry out a theoretical analysis of the contradictions and problems in the development of infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses. The article analyzes the traditional, functional, systemic and institutional approaches to the analysis of the infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Based on the institutional approach to the analysis of the system of state support for small and medium-sized businesses, theoretical studies of the support infrastructure, the article substantiates the need to use systemic and institutional approaches to the formation of a model of infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses. An integrated approach allows us to formulate a typology of the infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses, substantiate the reasons for the low efficiency of the support infrastructure in this sector of the economy. The main reasons for the ineffectiveness of the infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses include the contradiction between the state, public and market infrastructure, based on different target settings, resource constraints, and institutional barriers. The key condition for increasing the efficiency of the infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses is the appropriate development of the institution of state support for small and medium-sized businesses. The transformation of the support infrastructure requires a systematic approach to the formation of infrastructure institutions based on the principles of consistency and cooperation between infrastructure actors. Systematization of the infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses will free up resources, reduce transaction costs of small and medium-sized businesses and the operating costs of the state, and therefore increase the efficiency of the system for supporting small and medium-sized businesses in the economy.

Keywords: infrastructure, infrastructure to support SMEs, small business, small business, institutions.


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