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Stepkina L.V.



UDC 378:006

Abstract. The article examines the development of economic education in Russia. The author reveals the relationship between the ontogeny of economic education and the historical development of the country. The author takes the position that the transformation of economic education depended on the socio-political development of the country, which did not always contribute to the preservation of traditions and continuity and influenced the quality of training. The problem of improving the quality of training specialists in the field of economics in higher educational institutions that meet the modern challenges of society is an urgent task facing the professional community. The purpose of the study is to identify the factors and conditions that determine the improvement in the quality of training specialists in the field of economics. The practical significance of the study lies in the fact that based on the results of the analysis of the historical experience of the development of economic education in Russia and taking into account modern requirements for the quality of implementation of educational programs, it is possible to develop a methodology for improving the quality of training specialists in the field of economics. Summarizing the results of the study, the author concludes that the formation and development of economic education in Russia is due to the peculiarities of the stages of the country’s socio-historical development, which covered the period before the 1917 revolution, the Soviet period and the stage that began during the formation of market relations after 1991. Each historical stage had its own vector of development of economic education, responding to the needs of its time.

Keywords: higher education, economic education, cadre development, educational standard, quality of training.


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