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Gerchak Ya.M., Zholob S.S., Kolesnikov V.Yu.


UDC 378.1


Gerchak Ya.M.1 (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) –, Zholob S.S.1 (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) –, Kolesnikov V.Yu.2 (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) – 

1Novosibirsk Higher Military Command Order of Zhukov School

2Novosibirsk StatePedagogical University

Abstract. This article deals with issues related to the influence of physical exercises on the preparation of military personnel for military professional activities in the context of university education. It is noted that the basis of the positive impact of professionally applied physical training on the performance of military personnel, both in peacetime and in wartime, is the mechanism of adaptation to physical loads developed and firmly fixed in them. It is this mechanism of “physical training” that determines the high level of activity and efficiency of a serviceman in the performance of various professional special tasks in accordance with their purpose. In their study, the authors came to the firm conviction that proper physical training of a serviceman is an important means of improving the combat skills of personnel of all branches of the Armed Forces and branches of service, an indicator of their level of professional training. The role and proper level of physical fitness is manifested, first of all, in maintaining and improving both the physical and mental performance of military personnel, in their faster recovery to the original level after hard work. This circumstance allows us to consider physical training as the most important component, both in the professional training of future officers of the Russian army, and in general – its support throughout the entire service life of all military personnel, regardless of the type of troops, ranks and tasks performed. This will make it possible to maintain a high level of combat readiness of the military personnel of the Russian army.

Keywords: physical education, physical qualities, adaptation, physical training, servicemen, service professional activity, professional and applied physical training.


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Gerchak Y.M., Zholob S.S., Kolesnikov V.Yu. The significance of a high level of physical fitness to maintain high combat readiness of military personnel. CITISE, 2022, no. 4, pp.273-283. DOI: