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Lopukha A.D., Lopukha T.L.



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1Novosibirsk Higher Military School

Abstract. The article is devoted to the analysis of the role of the defense consciousness of the population, its state, the features of its manifestation in modern local wars, the need for formation. Local wars are considered as a means of implementing the policy of globalization in modern conditions, once again implemented by the concept of world domination of the countries of the West and the United States. The article considers: the main features and peculiarities of local wars; their influence on the defense consciousness of the population of the countries subjected to aggression and the morale of the aggressor troops; the role and importance of the defense consciousness of the citizens of the country is considered; the importance of national self-consciousness, natural resilience and courage of the population of countries that successfully resisted aggression is analyzed. As a result of the study, the authors come to the understanding that the defensive consciousness of the people and its army manifests itself in a critical situation – war, and its real course and expected result is a criterion for its development. At the same time, defense consciousness has its own characteristics, expressed in the fact that the process of its formation, as a rule, takes place in peacetime. As a result of the systematic organization of the process of state-patriotic education, the formation and development of defense consciousness among all categories of the country’s population takes place. It is the purposeful and systematically organized process of the formation of defense consciousness that is an important factor in the national security of the country, the preservation of its statehood.

Keywords: defensive consciousness, the nature of local wars, the spiritual factor in the war.


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Lopukha A.D., Lopukha T.L. Defense consciousness and modern local wars: the state and the need for its formation for all categories of citizens of the country. CITISE, 2022, no. 2, pp.172-181. DOI: