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Abstract. The article is devoted to topical issues of digital platforms as part of the digital transformation of the economy. Today, digital platformsprovide an opportunity to cross borders and extend influence to any country and territory. Today, digital platforms are the most promising digital transformation tool for socio-economic systems at all levels, implementing network management. That is why the purpose of this article was to study the effectiveness of digital platforms in the context of the digital transformation of the economy. During the writing of the article, scientific methods were used: analysis of regulatory documents governing the development of the digital economy in the Russian Federation; methods of theoretical analysis: comparative, retrospective. With the help of these methods, an analysis of the essential characteristic of digital platforms as a promising tool for digital transformation of socio-economic systems is given, the introduction of digital platforms as a kind of system of relations between participants in economic interaction, which are clearly algorithmicized and implemented in a single information environment, and lead to a reduction in transaction costs due to the use of a package of digital technologies for working with data and changes in the division of labor system; the main specific features of digital platforms are determined based on their typing. The conclusion concluded that the digital platform is a comprehensive information system that allows industrial enterprises to increase their own efficiency.

Keywords: digital transformation, digital platform, digital transformation tools, signs of digital platforms, types of digital platforms.


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