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Ergin S.M., Kopaenko I.V.



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Ergin S.M.1 (Simferopol, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Kopaenko I.V.1 (Simferopol, Russian Federation) – E-mail:

1V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University

Abstract. The article substantiates the theoretical aspects of the essential characteristics of the” infrastructure potential ” of entrepreneurship and its formation, considers the influence of each resource element that makes up the potential on the activities of entrepreneurial structures. The content of the components of the infrastructure potential of entrepreneurship is determined and their significance and place in the potential of modernization of business activities are considered. The problems of forming the infrastructure potential of the enterprise and ways to overcome them are identified. The role of the infrastructure potential of the business sector in ensuring its security and flexibility is determined. The strategic determinants of the elimination of threats to the security of entrepreneurship are structurally systematized by the sources of occurrence, scale, duration and nature of the impact. The essence of the infrastructure potential and the importance of its components in the process of motorization of the business sector are determined. The importance of the infrastructure of entrepreneurial activity in the context of the spatial development of entrepreneurship is revealed. The aspects of the formation of strategies and the criterion effects of infrastructure support for entrepreneurship are clarified, conceptual provisions are developed, scientific and practical recommendations are substantiated regarding the problem of modernization of the infrastructure potential for ensuring the activities of entrepreneurial structures, considering the strategic guidelines of regional development in modern conditions of a systemic crisis. The mechanism of organizational support of its development is justified. The main factors of the development of the business sector are named. The main parameters of its modernization are defined and characterized: innovations, finance, strategy. The entrepreneurial strategy and features of its formation are highlighted.The conceptual scheme of the general study of entrepreneurial potential as a complex multi-vector (multi-level) system is proposed, it includes such components as: personal characteristics of an entrepreneur, organizational, economic and institutional conditions for doing business, resource opportunities for achieving entrepreneurial goals. As part of the implementation of the modernization directions of the economy of the country and its regions, the priority of the transformation of the infrastructure sector, which acts as a framework of economic relations and an effective means of implementing business and entrepreneurial processes, was emphasized.

Keywords: entrepreneurship infrastructure; infrastructure potential; regional development; infrastructure effect; organizational and economic support for entrepreneurship development; modernization process, strategic guidelines.


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