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Erina I.A., Peredery S.N.



UDC 378.14

Erina I.A.1 (Sevastopol, Russian Federation) – Е-mail:, Peredery S.N.2 (Yalta, Russian Federation) – E-mail:

1Sevastopol State University

2V. I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal State University

Abstract.The problem of motivational and value orientations of psychology students in professional training occupies an important place in the system of higher education. The article analyzes the theory of motivation of domestic and foreign scientists; systematization and analysis of scientific-theoretical and methodological literature on the research problem was carried out; the results of diagnostics of the motivational sphere of students of psychological specialties, assessment of the level of correspondence of the motivational sphere of students to the chosen psychological specialty are presented. Purpose of the study: to determine the motivational and value orientations of the personality of psychology students. It has been demonstrated that the profession chosen by students requires that measure of altruism, which was not revealed among students in this study. In order to help students in bringing the motivational sphere of their psyche in line with the socially approved meanings and values ​​for their chosen profession of a psychologist, the authors propose to create a teaching manual – a brochure with a brief description of both the profession itself (its content and focus) and a list reference motivational and value indicators, the value of which will serve as a guideline in personal development, both of a specific individual and of the target group. The study confirmed the hypothesis of the study: the motivational-value orientations of the personality of psychology students do not correspond to the orientation of the profession, in which spiritual and moral values ​​prevail, the dominance of internal motives over external ones and an altruistic orientation. The results of the research can be used in the formation of motivational-value orientations among students of psychologists in their professional training in a university.

Keywords: motivation, orientation, psychology students, learning activities, values, motives.


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Erina I.A., Peredery S.N. Professional training of psychologist students under the conditions of the university: motivation and value orientations. CITISE, 2021, no. 1, pp.495-505. DOI: