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Z. Petrina



Zoya I. Petrina – Associate Professor, Department of Sports Disciplines and methods of teaching them, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow, Russian Federation, E-mail:

Abstract. The article considers the problem of the implementation in the process of preparation at the university of the research activities of students – future specialists in the field of physical education and sports. The author takes the position of the importance of students ‘research work as an essential component of their professional training, which contributes to the mastery of future specialists in scientific research methodology, the acquisition of experience in organizing and conducting research, and the formation of students’ readiness for research in future practical activities. Active participation in research at the stage of university education creates the conditions not only for obtaining professional knowledge, but also for generating motivation for knowledge, active participation in scientific research, interest in implementing new ideas in practical professional activities, introducing the achievements of scientific and technological progress in educational and personal development. The aim of the study was to analyze the specifics of the research activities of future specialists in the field of physical education and sports in the process of training. Research objectives: to analyze the direction of the implementation of various forms of research work, to identify the main types of research work of students. Research hypothesis: an analysis of the specifics of the research activities of future specialists in the field of physical education and sports in the process of training will optimize the process of their training. Research methods: theoretical analysis, systematization. As a result of the study, the directions of the implementation of various forms of research work are analyzed, the main types of research work of students are highlighted. As a result of the study, the author concluded that the training of future specialists in the field of physical culture and sports at the university provides for systematic activities to enhance their cognitive activity and independence, involve them in various types of research work, develop research skills, and motivate to research , readiness to independently acquire, analyze and apply scientific information, use modern technologies in practical work, higher expression of their intellectual culture. This work involves the active use by teachers in the educational process of modern innovative technologies that create the conditions for the effective implementation of creative, research, design and other forms of training that form the student’s research competencies, his readiness for professional and personal development.

Keywords: professional training, research activities, specialist in the field of physical education and sports, professional development.



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