ISSN 2409-7616

E. Alisultanova, N. Moiseenko, I. Usamov


Esmira D. Alisultanova – Ph. D, professor, Grozny State Oil Technological University (named after Academician M. D. Millionshchikov), E-mail:

Natalya A. Moiseenko – associate professor, Grozny State Oil Technological University (named after Academician M. D. Millionshchikov), E-mail:

Ilyas R. Usamov – teacher, Grozny State Oil Technological University (named after Academician M. D. Millionshchikov), E-mail:

Abstract. Relevance of the studied subject is caused by the fact that the 21st century brought information technologies which began to be applied in all fields of people’s activity in our life. New specialties have appeared, which are also connected with information technologies and need highly skilled IT specialists. The traditional education system tests the transitional moment as the modern world is built based on computer technologies which make the base for development of all directions of education. The problem of the correct approach of forming of educational process in the conditions of information society bears itself the number of problems on creation and support of information educational environment for forming of the modern IT specialist who shall develop and gain constantly new knowledge and to be grounded in information technology field and systems. This article aims to analyze the status of the educational environment of forming of IT specialists, and the sentence of new development and the technique of forming of professionals, thanks to digital learning environment. During the research, the analysis of the traditional education system and digital learning environments is carried out, benefits and drawbacks of the modern market of digital education systems are revealed, the technique and the platform of digital learning environment in the conditions of digital information society is developed. The overview of the Russian and foreign experience is carried out, and the leading approaches to research of the problem of development of cognitive activity of pupils with use of electronic educational resources in the conditions of information society are revealed. In article the main methods of training at the basis of electronic educational resources are examined. Primary benefits of modern information technologies in education, in connection with forming of digital educational space which gives the chance of online training are revealed. This material can be used as the theoretical and practical basis when training IT specialists in the conditions of information society.

Keyword: information technologies, IT-specialist, digital learning environment, remote learning, e-learning, educational program, methods, technique, management of education, knowledge, abilities, skills.