ISSN 2409-7616

L. Mardakhaev


Lev Mardakhaev – doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Chair of Social Pedagogy and Youth Work Organization, Faculty of Social Work, Russian State Social University (Moscow), Deserved Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, (Russia, Moscow), SPIN- code: 6449-0103, e-mail:

Annotation. In the article, on the basis of the socio-pedagogical approach, the essence of socialization (resocialization) of a growing person is revealed. It is noted that socialization lies at the basis of the formation of the personality of man as a rational being. The main approaches to understanding socialization in foreign and domestic literature are singled out, their analysis is given. Based on the analysis of literature and understanding of the essence of the phenomena studied, such concepts as “socialization”, “resocialization”, “sociality”, “socialization” are revealed. Understanding of the selected categories is revealed taking into account the fact that a person’s natural being and his development, including social development, are of a regular nature.

The article emphasizes the fact that the law of the development of socialization of a person from a subject of education to know and take into account the nature of its development. For this purpose, the main components characterizing socialization are identified as a result of socialization: the worldview (the sphere of consciousness); cultural (sphere of internal culture); social sphere (sphere of conformity to the social status); emotional (the sphere of emotional well-being) and the experience of social behavior (the sphere of everyday self-expression) and given to them a characteristic. The factors that significantly influence socialization and are the driving force of its development, including object and subject, are singled out and characterized.

Key words: socialization, resocialization, sociality, socialization, components of socialization.


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