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A. Gaisumov



Akhmed S. Gaisumov –An assistant at Department of Economics and economic security of industries and enterprises, Chechen State University, Grozny, Russian Federation, E-mail:

Abstract. The article examines the impact of attracted investments on the socio-economic development of regions. The socio-economic situation in the regions determines the development potential of the country as a whole. Among the many factors affecting the socio-economic state of the region, investments play one of the key roles. Investments participate in the economic development of the region through the impact on three indicators. First, attracting investment has a positive effect on the labor market, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Secondly, investors contribute to the development of engineering infrastructure through direct costs for the development of the adjacent territory and tax payments to the regional budget, which are used for social needs, including the improvement of engineering communications. Thirdly, the appearance of new commercial projects on the market increases competition in the market, providing a positive social and economic effect on the population. However, if the investor’s strategy is aimed at complete dominance in the market, that is, becoming a monopolist, then the effect of such investments will be the opposite. Having identified the mechanisms of investment influence on economic development, it is important to analyze the key factors that determine the state of the investment climate in the region. The investment climate provides a competitive advantage over other regions that are also struggling to attract investment. There are many indicators that can be used to improve the investment climate in the region. These indicators can be grouped into such groups as geographic location and natural resources, labor capital, engineering infrastructure, domestic market, production potential, socio-economic stability, financial sustainability.

Keywords: investments, engineering infrastructure, monopolist, competition, employment, indicators.


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