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O. Cherednichenko



Oleg V. Cherednichenko –Candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor of economic theory Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation, E-mail:

Abstract. An article examines the problems, that the Russian economy faced amid the crisis Y2020, caused Covid-2019 spread through the world, including Russia. At the same time, against the backdrop of a drop in output in most industries, some organizations that have adapted to the new formats of doing business have entered a growing trend, thereby becoming the damper that avoided a dramatic drop in output across the entire Russian economy. The experience gained should act as a trigger for economic growth, the manifestation of which can be expected starting from 2021. However, the use of new formats of doing business is critically insufficient: it is necessary to achieve a synergistic effect between the business and the personnel training system for it by building enlarged ecosystems, which would make it possible to form a full cycle of functioning of the “new model economy”. The purpose of the study is to identify the current problems of the economy and determine its key “points of growth”. The main objectives of the study are to determine the key directions for the development of the Russian economy in the new conditions and formulate additional conditions necessary for its effective functioning. In the “Conclusion” of the work, the author made suggestions on the need to build a “full cycle economy”, which includes changing the formats (not the system) of education, the new foundations of which were laid during the acute phase of restrictive measures against the background of containing the spread of the pandemic.

Keywords: ecosystem, innovative industries, remote work, labor market, “captive” University, economic growth.


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Cherednichenko O.V. Priorities for the achievement of economic growth in modern conditions. CITISE, 2020, no. 3, pp.322-331. DOI: