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D. Orel



Denis S. Orel – Postgraduate of Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University,Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, SPIN-code: 8711-1200, E-mail:

Abstract.  The article is devoted to the actualization, interpretation and structure of the pedagogical support of the personnel potential of a military university in modern conditions. In the study undertaken by the author, it is noted that the core of the system of higher military education is the faculty, which determines the level of professional training of graduates of a military university. The author of the article proposed the definition of the concept «pedagogical support of the personnel potential of a military higher educational institution». Particular attention is paid in the article to the mechanism of pedagogical support for the development of the personnel potential of a military higher educational institution, built on the basis of a systemic, environmental, axiological approach. A set of interrelated activities aimed at solving problems related to the development of the innovative potential of the faculty of the military high school has been identified. The proposed definition of pedagogical support for the development of the university’s personnel potential is based on the systemic, environmental, axiological approaches, as well as on the principles of centralization, integrativity and stability; taking into account the state order and the regulatory framework of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the peculiarities of the organization of the development of the personnel potential of the university and includes the axiological, substantive-technological, effective-evaluative components. The search for new effective approaches to solving the problem of pedagogical support for the development of the personnel potential of a military university will make it possible to intensify the development of socio-pedagogical theory and practice, and to improve the quality of training for future officers of Russia.

Keywords: higher education, personnel potential of a military higher education institution, higher education teacher, faculty, pedagogical support.



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Orel D.S. The current state of the problem of pedagogical support for the development of personnel potential of a military university. CITISE, 2020, no. 1, pp. 39-46. DOI: