ISSN 2409-7616

E. Schmidt


Ekaterina K. Schmidt – Head of psychological work group Omsk tank-automotive engineering Institute (Russia, Omsk), SPIN-код: 2877-8080, E-mail:

Abstract. The article considers the concepts of collective and military collective, as well as their influence on the process of adaptation of cadets of military educational institutions. The article presents and analyzes the results of studying the abilities of cadets, to build effective interaction within the team, which allows us to conclude about the impact of the team on the process of socio-professional adaptation of cadets and the need to form a military team on the basis of respect, mutual understanding and mutual assistance. During the study of the problem raised in the study, identified areas of psychological and pedagogical support of social and professional adaptation of students, as well as the shortcomings of pedagogical activity on social and professional adaptation of students. The study identified the tasks to be performed by commanders in cooperation with the teaching staff for the formation and development of skills of productive interaction.

Keywords: adaptation, social adaptation, professional adaptation, collective, military collective.



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