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V. Borkovskaya


Victoria G. Borkovskaya – PhD in Economics, Associated Professor,Department of Housing and communal complex of National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) (Russia, Moscow); РИНЦ: SPIN-код: 8308-7202; E-mail:

 Abstract. For achievement of high results of economic and corporate activity of the organization in the sphere of housing and communal services it is impossible to hope only for happy coincidence of circumstances. One of the most important conditions for the successful development of any company is an interested staff. Each success is the result of well-coordinated and hard work of the whole team as a single mechanism. The smooth functioning of such a mechanism is provided by the team, which is formed by the leader. In the context of globalization of markets, the head of the organization is not enough to be a leader in the traditional sense. The modern leader in the housing sector should be an ideologist, strategist and technologist in one person. The presence of a complex of three qualities is a strategic leadership. Strategic leadership is not a fashionable trend of classic leadership denomination, but an inherent need for long-term and successful development of housing and communal services. Risk reduction strategy, solving problems to minimize costs is the key to the success of the company.

Keywords: leadership, housing and utilities, SWOT analysis, strategic planning, PAEI model, risk management, project management, risk reduction.



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