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Bocharova T.A.


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Bocharova T.A.1 (Khabarovsk, Russian Federation) –

1Pacific State University

Abstract. Modernization of the educational system is a process aimed at adapting it to modern challenges and requirements of society. One of its key aspects is continuity, which presupposes consistency and consistency in the organization of educational material, connection and consistency between levels of education. With the rapid development of technology and changing sociocultural environment, updating educational methods, programs and structures becomes a necessity. The transition to specialized education in high school is an integral part of the educational process in the modern world. This trend is driven not only by the desire to individualize education, but also by the need to prepare students for the rapidly changing reality and demands of the modern labor market. However, with the advent of specialized education in high school, the educational system faced a number of challenges and shortcomings that were not obvious at the stage of implementation of the new system. Specialized classes provide students with the opportunity to study in depth certain subjects or areas of knowledge, which contributes to their professional orientation and preparation for future careers, but at the same time limit the development of students’ basic skills and knowledge in general education subjects. Computer science is included in the list of compulsory subject areas, but is not included in the list of basic academic subjects and is studied in specialized classes of different directions at different levels (often not studied at all). At the same time, in accordance with the curricula of universities, it is included in the list of disciplines (modules) of the basic part of the program of most areas of bachelor’s and specialist’s degrees, i.e. its mastery is a prerequisite for students of almost all training profiles. It is expected that the results of the study described in this article will help to identify key aspects that influence the continuity of computer science education in the context of specialized training and propose specific measures to improve this situation.

Keywords: computer science, specialized training, continuity of education, school, university, digital competencies.


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For citation: Bocharova T. A. Problems of continuity in computer science training in school and university in conditions of transition to profile classes. CITISE, 2024, no. 2, pp. 535-545.