ISSN 2409-7616

Gavrilova K.A.


UDC 373.24

Gavrilova K.A.1 (Stavropol, Russian Federation) –

1Kindergarten No. 57 of the city of Stavropol

Abstract. The article reflects the pedagogical activity aimed at modeling the process of formation of the communicative culture of older preschool children in various types of activities. The analysis of modern domestic and foreign literature on the problem of research is carried out. The purpose of this study is to create an innovative pedagogical model aimed at forming the communicative culture of children attending kindergarten within the framework of various activities aimed at the comprehensive development of preschoolers as a full-fledged personality. The article reveals the essence of the process of modeling pedagogical activity in the formation of the communicative culture of older preschool children in various types of activities. The entire pedagogical model is presented in a clear structure and hierarchy: a content-target block, a technological block, and an effective block. The author examines the influence on the formation of the communicative culture of children attending kindergarten of such activities as play, cognitive research, communicative, visual, self-service and household labor, construction, music, perception of literature and folklore, motor, on the development of communication skills in children of this age. He also highlights the principles underlying the creation of a pedagogical model. The author takes into account the innovative pedagogical conditions within which the communicative culture of preschool children is formed. The sequence of implementation of the model is determined, which involves all participants in the educational process, aimed at the formation of competencies in the field of communication in various types of activities and criteria for assessing the level of formation of this phenomenon. In conclusion, the author of the article emphasizes the importance of an integrated approach to the formation of communicative competencies of children attending kindergarten under the condition of various types of activities. The role of teachers and parents is actualized – active participants involved in the process of developing children’s communicative culture, whose goal is to ensure successful communication and adaptation in society.

Keywords: model, modeling, modeling process, communication, communication culture, communication skills and abilities, communicative competence, participants in the educational process, older preschool children, preschool educational organization, types of activities in kindergarten.


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For citation: Gavrilova K.A. Modeling the process of formation of the communicative culture of older preschool children in various types of activities.  CITISE, 2024, no. 2, pp. 342-352.