ISSN 2409-7616

Gatsalova L.B., Agkatsev B.K.


UDC 371

Gatsalova L.B.1 (Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation) –; Agkatsev B.K.1 (Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation) –

1North Ossetian State University named after K.L. Khetagurova

Abstract. The article is devoted to the problem of spiritual and moral education of students within the framework of vocational education, which is one of the primary educational policies of the state. Russian education, as one of the socio-cultural and spiritual phenomena, has entered the next, fundamentally new stage of its development, associated with a change in the worldview of society and the individual, and a change in values among the younger generation. In this situation, children, adolescents and young people turned out to be the most susceptible to unfavorable directions and trends, due to disparate ideological views. Lacking moral support, the next generation lost the support of family, school, and additional education institutions, since the previous system of values was lost among them. In this regard, today it is necessary to organize a permanent system of spiritual and moral education in educational institutions within the framework of the Strategy for the Development of Education in the Russian Federation for the period until 2025, which involves “intensifying the process of qualitative changes in the domestic education system, aimed at effectively ensuring such personal development results the younger generation, as their spiritual, moral and value-semantic orientations with the aim of preserving, strengthening and further developing the best pedagogical practices based on traditional spiritual and moral guidelines.” The article puts forward the thesis that it is possible to increase the effectiveness of spiritual and moral educational activities in the education system by means of choreography, which allows updating the content of education, introducing forms and methods based on the best pedagogical practices in the educational system and contributing to the effective implementation of the educational component of choreographic means arts, including: artistic creativity, music, dance, etc.

Keywords: education of students, spiritual and moral education, choreography, artistic creativity, dance art, music.


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For citation: Gatsalova L.B., Agkatsev B.K. Formation of spiritual and moral values of students by means of choreography.  CITISE, 2024, no. 2, pp. 334-341.