ISSN 2409-7616

Charochkina E.Yu., Simonenko E.S., Svechkar K.M.


UDC 338.1

Charochkina E.Yu.1 (Kursk, Russian Federation) –; Simonenko E.S.1 (Kursk, Russian Federation) –; Svechkar K.M.1 (Kursk, Russian Federation) –

1South-West State University

Abstract. Against the background of structural transformation of national economic systems and international sanctions, innovations and innovation activities act as a factor of competitiveness. In this regard, the development of effective solutions and approaches to the assessment and analysis of innovative development at the level of industries and spheres of economic activity is a relevant area of research. The purpose of this study was to assess the dynamics and level of innovative development of industries of the Russian economy, to identify growth points for the reproduction of innovations at the sectoral level. Based on statistical methods of research and experts’ assessments, the dynamics of the main indicators of innovative development of industries of the national economy was analyzed, and the conclusions and results of the study were determined on the basis of the obtained data. It is determined that based on the formation of sectoral innovations should be developed innovation strategies at the micro and macro level, using the advantages of innovative industries can achieve competitive advantages, identify priority areas for financing and development of innovations by both the state and private business. In Russian conditions in the aspect of development of effective innovative solutions at the sectoral level it is necessary to constantly monitor the possibilities of innovative growth on the basis of systematization of indicators into groups of indicators, on the basis of which, it is possible to define directions for development and elaboration of tools, formation of infrastructure for innovations and increasing efforts to mobilize scientific and technological potential in the branches of the national economy, formation of necessary conditions for reduction of innovative risks, development of innovative activity in the sectors of the national economy.

Keywords: innovation, innovation activity, potential, industry, business, indicators, competitiveness.


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For citation: Charochkina E.Yu., Simonenko E.S., Svechkar K.M. Innovative development of national economy sectors as a factor of the country’s competitiveness. CITISE, 2024, no. 2, pp. 161-172.