ISSN 2409-7616

Egorychev A.M., Akhtyan A.G., Kvitkovskaya A.A., Bereza N.A.


UDC 37.013


Egorychev A.M.1,2  (Moscow, Russian Federation) –, Akhtyan A.G.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –, Kvitkovskaya A.A.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –, Bereza N.A.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –

1Russian State Social University

2Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract. The article discusses important issues related to the “institution of education” in the system of Russian education, its state, the need for optimization and modernization, including the definition of development prospects. The authors conducted a thorough scientific and theoretical analysis of this problem; identified the author’s positions that exist in the Russian scientific and educational community regarding the problem of this study; determined the main factors and conditions that determine the state and development of the institution of education; developed scientific provisions concerning the optimization and modernization of the “institute of domestic education”. The authors stand firmly on the position, which is characterized by the need to modernize the Russian institution of education, its full integration with the learning process at all levels of the Russian education system (preschool, school, professional, additional). This position requires the development of an effective educational paradigm based on the characteristics of Russian (Russian) culture, its value orientations, and taking into account the challenges and adverse actions that the world community presents to Russia. An important aspect in the modernization of the Russian institute “upbringing-education” is the coming information technology era. Thus, the development of an effective educational paradigm, its scientific justification and wide discussion in the scientific and educational community of the country, with subsequent adoption and consolidation at the state level, will allow it not only to act as an important socio-political vector that determines the direction and content of educating the younger generation in the country , but also to fully return it to the system of national education at all its levels, to actively stimulate the process of pedagogization of the entire Russian society, all its institutions and structures.

Keywords: institute of education, Russian system of education, traditional meanings and values of Russian culture, principles of education, ideal of education.


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Egorychev A.M., Akhtyan A.G., Kvitkovskaya A.A., Bereza N.A. Education in the Russian educational system: the need for optimization and modernization. CITISE, 2022, no. 4, pp. 612-623. DOI: