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Simonenko E.S.


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Simonenko E.S.1 (Kursk, Russian Federation) –

1Southwestern State University

Abstract. In modern conditions, the information support of individual organizations is of great importance, as it allows solving the problems of increasing competitiveness at the micro level, which, ultimately, will lead to a better development of the processes of digitalization of the economy as a whole. In this regard, practice-oriented research aimed at finding sound methodological approaches to assessing the information management system of an organization is being updated. The purpose of writing the article is the possibility of using a matrix approach in assessing the information management system of an organization and identifying strategic directions for its improvement. The achievement of the designated goal in the study is realized by solving the following tasks: analysis of the use of digital technologies in the activities of organizations at the regional level; construction of an evaluation matrix of the information management system of the organization; formulation of the main strategic priorities in terms of increasing the informatization of the economic activities of the organization.  General scientific research methods, methods of statistics, expert assessments, matrix method of analysis were used in the research. The information base of the study was the official data of the Federal State Statistics Service; facts, conclusions and provisions published in scientific publications; the results of research and calculations of the author of the article. The results of the study are the constructed matrix for assessing the information support of the organization’s management in the initial and final state. The construction of the matrix made it possible to identify the relationship between the results of the organization’s activities, expressed in performance indicators and the degree of information support. The author formulated strategic priorities for improving the information support of the organization’s management in modern conditions. The implementation of these areas at the micro level will lead to the full digitalization of the national economy.

Keywords: information; management information support; business digitalization; matrix; expert evaluation.


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