ISSN 2409-7616

Lokhova I.V., Kobesashvili N.L.


UDC 37


Lokhova I.V.1 (Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation) –

Kobesashvili N.L.2 (Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation) –

1North Ossetian State University named after K.L. Khetagurov,

2North Caucasian Mining and Metallurgical Institute (State Technological University)

Abstract. The article is devoted to the historical and pedagogical analysis of the article by A. Gassiev “Something about the position of women among the mountaineers-Muslims”, published in the newspaper “Kavkaz” in 1876. Despite the fact that the issues of intra-family relations, the gender-role functions of family members in the pre-revolutionary period are widely covered in pedagogical research, nevertheless, the problem of female discrimination in the family, as a pedagogical problem, has not yet received due attention. In Caucasian studies of historical and pedagogical science, today there are practically no works containing a monographic presentation of the problem of a comprehensive study of the position of women in a mountain family. To present this problem, the authors were greatly assisted by archival materials extracted from the funds of the central archives of North Ossetia-Alania, scientific and literary sources, publications of works by pre-revolutionary and modern authors devoted to the problems of family relationships among the peoples of the North Caucasus in the 19th century. The article by A. Gassiev is one of those publications in the newspapers of the described period, which touched upon the problems of the inhuman attitude towards women in the family of the mountain peoples. The position of women among some highlanders, especially among Muslims, is described in the studies of ethnographers as very unsatisfactory, since in almost all these families a woman even took on more physical labor than a man. In addition, the woman shod and clothed the family; the upbringing of children from birth to 8-10 years also lay with the woman, one might say, as long as the male children were at the full disposal of the father, to help him in peaceful and non-peaceful pursuits.

Keywords: family, family relationships, the position of a woman in a mountain family, ethnography.


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Lokhova I.V., Kobesashvili N.L. From the memories of A. Gassiev on the status of a woman in the high-hand family: historical and pedagogical aspect. CITISE, 2022, no. 4, pp.89-97. DOI: