ISSN 2409-7616

Ader A.V., Dudko A.V., Emets M.S., Krivolapov V.G., Laneeva E.A.


UDC 338.24.01


Ader A.V.1 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) –, Dudko A.V.2 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) –, Emets M.S.2 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) –, Krivolapov V.G.1 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) –, Laneeva E.A.3 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –

1Samara State University of Railways

2Gubkin Russian State University of oil and gas Orenburg

3State University of Management

Abstract. The article reveals the features of motivational approaches in personnel management in industrial companies, based on the analysis of the current conceptual foundations of personnel management. High internal industry competition in the transport sector of the economy correctly determines the task of stimulating the personnel of industrial enterprises to high-performance work and highly competitive aspects of functioning in the industrial services market, and also encourages employees to achieve personal professional goals, to meet personal needs through labor achievements. The authors argumentatively position the relationship of such categories as “personnel motivation”, “competence approach of qualification indicators”, thereby presenting a direct relationship with the level of personnel qualifications, various forms of motivational approach and the results of the enterprise. Staff motivation is considered in the context of not only an individual approach, but also the collective of the enterprise as a whole, as a specific system of management techniques and methods summarizing high indicators of labor productivity, labor discipline and competitiveness of the enterprise as a whole. Employee incentives are considered in the article through the classical two types – material and non-material incentives. As a result, the authors come to the conclusion that the material method of stimulation is still the most effective. According to the authors, one of the core factors of the efficiency of an enterprise is a management factor based on a multidimensional approach in the context of motivational techniques and methods that form communicative competencies. According to the authors, the elaboration of new modern motivational approaches should be worked out at each enterprise, taking into account the industry affiliation by the departments of “H&R management”. The article is based on a theoretical and monographic method that allows analyzing the multidimensional approaches of domestic and foreign authors to the motivation of employees’ work.

Keywords: industrial companies, remuneration, motivation, motives, remuneration, optimization, efficiency improvement, productivity, employees, stimulation, labor, labor activity, labor motivation, “H&R management”, material motivation, non-material motivation.


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Ader A.V., Dudko A.V., Emets M.S., Krivolapov V.G., Laneeva E.A. Modern motivational approaches to the assessment of the labor activity of personnel of industrial companies. CITISE, 2022, no. 3, pp.434-449. DOI: