ISSN 2409-7616

Mirzoeva E.V., Nadutkina I.E., Nachkebia M.S.


UDC 378


Mirzoeva E.V.1 (Krasnodar, Russian Federation) –, Nadutkina I.E.2 (Belgorod, Russian Federation) –, Nachkebia M.S.2 (Belgorod, Russian Federation) –

Abstract. This article defines the role of information and analytical activities in the development of management decisions, as well as substantiates the need to use information and communication systems to improve management efficiency in higher education institutions. The study was conducted using the method of analysis of the management system in universities, and the method of questionnaire survey was also used. The results of the study made it possible to identify not only the reasons that reduce the effectiveness of management activities, but also to determine the factors that make it possible to overcome the negative impacts on the management system in higher education institutions. Today, higher educational institutions carry out not only educational and scientific activities, but also create production complexes for the implementation of scientific and innovative developments of scientists created in intra-university scientific laboratories and centers. The presence of a large number of information communication channels and information flows complicates the process of making managerial decisions and reduces the level of managerial activity in the university. Constant monitoring of the current situation is required, and for this it is necessary to constantly collect and analyze large information flows. The authors note that the problem of studying the state of the process should be carried out in the format of constant monitoring of the management system of a higher educational institution, which will minimize, on the one hand, the degree of risk of bureaucracy in management, and, on the other hand, give an objective assessment of positive changes associated with accelerating work with documented information flows. , simplifying the search, analysis and systematization of information, which will reduce time and increase efficiency in the development and adoption of rational management decisions in the university environment, and will lead to an improvement in the satisfaction assessment of the university staff with the organization of the management process to create a comfortable working environment. Thus, the capabilities of a unified information and communication system will simplify the search, processing, analysis and systematization of information, which will reduce the time for the development and adoption of management decisions, and create conditions for comfortable and efficient work.

Keywords: management, management decisions, information and analytical activities, process, information and communication systems, documented information, analysis, higher education institutions.


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Mirzoeva E.V., Nadutkina I. E., Nachkebia M.S. Information and analytical activity as a basis for managerial decision-making in universities. CITISE, 2022, no. 3, pp.328-339. DOI: