ISSN 2409-7616

Shimanovskaya Ya.V., Goldzin E.


UDC 37.013.77


Shimanovskaya Ya.V.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –, Goldzin E.1 (Beer Sheva, Israel) –

1Russian State Social University

Abstract. The article discusses the features of social and psychological assistance to women who have experienced domestic violence in Russia and abroad. The main socio-cultural parameters of the differences in the provision of assistance to women who find themselves in a crisis family situation are highlighted. The results of the study allow us to say that the work on the prevention of domestic violence is currently unsatisfactory and has a “top-down” character. The activities of specialists from existing centers for women, as well as socially oriented NGOs, are mainly aimed at overcoming the already formed problem and its consequences, which are not fully supported by law. At the same time, the provision of assistance and prevention of domestic violence against women abroad is complex and covers all actors of the situation; involves prolonged proactive support by highly qualified specialists from different services; relies on legislative and financial state support, civil initiatives. In the Russian Federation, there is an extremely insufficient level of implementation of the provisions of international acts and recommendations of international organizations in the legal acts of the state on combating domestic violence against women (the Istanbul Convention has not been ratified, there is no law on combating domestic violence; domestic violence is not considered as a negative and dangerous social phenomenon , the criminalization of the population continues due to the lack of legislative restrictions on cyberspace); no consistent legal framework has been created to regulate the activities of state and non-state institutions. Thus, deep and thorough work is required in all areas regarding social, psychological and pedagogical assistance to women victims of domestic violence.

Keywords: Russia, family, domestic violence against women, social and psychological assistance, foreign experience, protection of women’s rights, crisis center, non-profit organizations.


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