ISSN 2409-7616

Gorlova N.I., Starovojtova L.I.


UDC 378.183


Gorlova N.I.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –, Starovojtova L.I.2 (Moscow, Russian Federation) –

1Plekhanov Russian University of Economic,

2 Russian State Social University

Abstract. For the training of modern specialists, it becomes relevant and significant to use, along with traditional, fundamentally new active forms of training that allow the formation and development of professional competencies. One of these innovative forms is the inclusion of students in the passage of social volunteer practice. Volunteering is a great way to improve a person’s social skills, develop leadership and communication skills, find like-minded people, enrich yourself with new knowledge and experience. The article analyzes active forms of learning that allow students to purposefully develop the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practical activities in various professional and life situations that meet the changing requirements of modern society. One of the innovative areas of teaching students within the framework of a competency-based approach should be the inclusion of students in socially significant volunteer activities through the passage of social volunteer practice. It is designed to qualitatively supplement the existing level of students’ training, increase their social and civic activity on the basis of providing free assistance to social institutions, charitable and public organizations in the implementation of activities aimed at solving urgent social problems that require the participation of volunteers. The authors believe that the participation of students in social volunteering should be considered as a way of their self-development and self-improvement, personal and professional growth, the formation of professional competencies by entering the professional environment through mastering the social role of a volunteer. Volunteer practice allows you to expand your understanding of the activities of a social work specialist in solving social problems of recipients of social services.

Keywords: professional training of social specialists, social work, volunteering, social volunteer practice.


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Gorlova N.I., Starovojtova L.I. Volunteering as a necessary condition for professional training of social specialists. CITISE, 2022, no. 3, pp. 18-28. DOI: