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1Ministry of Education and Science Donetsk People’s Republic

Abstract. The introduction examines the role of the formation of professionally competent teaching staff in the educational services market and the development of education in the context of integration into the educational space of the Russian Federation. It is noted that the success of civilized problem solving largely depends on the professionalism of teachers, including their methodological competence. Marketing of educational services is a promising area of the DPR economy. Educational marketing strives to meet these needs from the point of view of economics, general humanistic values and personal development. The development and implementation of the marketing strategy of universities, taking into account their development models based on domestic and foreign experience in the formation of models for the development of universities, require study, and it is necessary to note the role of a strategic approach to the marketing activities of the university. It is determined that in order to ensure the balance of the labor market and the educational services market, it is necessary to introduce strategic planning for the preparation of graduates with higher education. To implement the proposed strategic priorities, it is proposed to use a number of stages: the planning stage; the main (organizational stage); the approbation stage; the final stage. The article presents a comparative description of the stages of the balance of the labor market and the educational services market by the time spent and a detailed description of each stage of strategic planning to ensure the balance of the labor market and the educational services market. The level of unemployment and employment depending on the level of education of the population as a percentage for 2021 is analyzed and the employed population is structured according to the level of education for 2015-2021 in the DPR. For 2015-2021, there is a clear trend towards the growth of the studied indicators. The largest share of the structure of the employed is occupied by persons with secondary vocational education according to training programs for middle-level specialists. As a positive trend, we note a constant decrease in the category of citizens of the DPR who do not have basic general education. Based on the obtained statistical data, the level of employment and unemployment in the coming years in the DPR is predicted on the basis of a strategic innovative economic and mathematical model. Thus, it is noted that the forecast values are favorable for the development of the educational services market and the formation of a strategy for the development of marketing of educational services innovations in the post-market economy in the DPR up to 2027.

Keywords: educational services, innovation marketing, strategy, post-market economy, educational standards, strategic approach, digitalization, marketing communications, strategic planning, labor market, educational services market.


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