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1Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky

Abstract. The article deals with general theoretical, methodological aspects of value-oriented management of sustainable development of business structures. The modern accents of value-oriented management from the standpoint of «positive experience» and «experience economy» are considered. The analysis of approaches to measuring consumer value in the business structure is carried out. Taking into account the industry specifics of the retail trade, the factors influencing the formation of the consumer’s value attitudes, determining his consumer choice and influencing the decision to purchase goods are determined. The consumer value construct of the entrepreneurial structure of the retail trade sector has been formed in terms of the «perceived consumer value» and «perceived consumer costs» parameters. A methodical approach to the assessment of net consumer value has been developed, which is based on a multi-criteria evaluation system, concentrates the parameters of perceived consumer value and perceived consumer costs. A matrix for identifying an approach to creating and offering consumer value in an entrepreneurial structure (irrational, relevant, convergent) has been developed and strategic prospects for sustainable development have been assessed, taking into account the concentration of efforts on consumer and cost components of value for the implementation of the main functions of retail trade.

Keywords: consumer value, consumer costs, construct, consumer expectations, sustainable development, strategic gap.


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