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Polyakova L.V., Kodzhaspirov A.Yu.



UDC 37.043

Polyakova L.V.1 (Moscow, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Kodzhaspirov A.Yu.2 (Moscow, Russian Federation) – E-mail:

1Moscow Pedagogical State University

2Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University

Abstract. The main approaches to the study of the emergence and course of value-motivational conflicts of the individual as a complex multidimensional phenomenon. The regulator of the student’s activity as a subject of his own life and educational and professional activities is the value-motivational sphere. It is its features that determine the effectiveness, productivity, opportunities for self-realization and the nature of relationships in the learning environment. The variety of components of the value-motivational sphere contribute to the emergence of intrapersonal conflicts, which lead to a decrease in the level of educational activity and the quality of life. Value-motivational conflict is less studied among intrapersonal conflicts. There is no clear differentiation, classification, specificity of the course and features of the impact on other personality characteristics. The level of psychological unpreparedness affects the occurrence of intrapersonal conflicts, which are characterized by the disintegration of meaning-forming motives. The appearance of intrapersonal conflicts is preceded by situations in which the actions of the subject were not effective in overcoming contradictions. Features of intrapersonal conflicts depend on the type of gender identity, the strength of the conflict. A value-motivational conflict arises if the assessment of the importance and characteristics of the professional sphere does not coincide with the subject’s opinion about the accessibility of this sphere for himself or with its real specifics and features. The presented results of the study of the features of value-motivational conflicts among students of a pedagogical university indicate that for students of a pedagogical university, the most typical value-motivational conflicts are the conflict of inadequate self-esteem, adaptation conflict, role conflict and the conflict of unfulfilled desire.

Keywords: value-motivational conflict, intrapersonal conflict, students, pedagogical university.


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