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Abstract. The article discusses the modern directions of the inclusion of museums in the tourist space of the regions. In today’s highly competitive conditions, each museum is in a situation that requires the development of an active market development strategy. It is often associated with a comprehensive analysis of potential consumers of the museum product, on the basis of which new directions of the museum’s activities can be developed. It is also important to identify the key points of interaction between museums and visitors in order to improve the quality and accessibility of services. In this regard, one of the relevant directions is the development of museum tourism – the specific activity of the museum in the field of cultural and educational tourism. Museums, often being the main motive for visiting territories, should actively interact with tour operators who develop tourist routes and include destination museums in them. At the same time, the modern cultural space, including museums, are carriers of transformations associated with their development, which is most clearly manifested in the processes of digitalization of museum activities. Museums adapt to new visual strategies, engaging the viewer and building a new space for interaction with him. Virtual forms of museum expositions complement and make museum objects accessible, and their own social platforms, interactive maps and 3D excursions allow building effective communication with visitors. This digital format became particularly relevant during the pandemic caused by Covid-19. One of the effective ways to popularize museums is their inclusion in tourist routes developed by tour operators. However, when interacting with museum institutions, tour operators face a number of problems, the most popular of which are considered in the work.

Keywords: museums, museum tourism, region, tourist route, tour operator.


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