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1North Ossetian State University named after K.L. Khetagurova

Abstract. The article is devoted to the analysis of cultural and leisure activities in the sphere of meeting basic human needs, the study of the goals and motives of leisure, the study of the problem of organizing cultural and leisure activities of students in modern conditions, which is a significant direction in organizing students’ free time from study. The relevance of the identified problem is due to the fact that in order to quickly respond to the changing needs of young people, it is necessary to explore new forms of organizing cultural and leisure activities, focused on familiarization with cultural values and expressed in material and spiritual aspects. Due to the complex socio-economic and socio-political transformations across the country, problems with employment, lack of due attention from government agencies, inaction of cultural organizations, various youth leisure centers are spontaneously organized. As a rule, in such centers young people, including students, do not develop the ability to constructively spend their free time, creatively master the cultural heritage of mankind, reduce work fatigue, etc. Based on this, we consider cultural and leisure activities, as a multidimensional social phenomenon, as a holistic, historically specific system within which a person has the opportunity to develop a qualitatively new, own approach, positions and decisions on organizing their leisure time, providing a space within which cultural and leisure activities are implemented; to master the basics of special skills and abilities in a specific area of cultural and leisure activities, the dissemination of moral and aesthetic values; transformation of culture, cultural values and technologies in the objective interaction of the individual and social groups in the interests of the development of each member of society.

Keywords: cultural and leisure activities, leisure, free time, needs for rest, labor activity, students, educational activity.


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