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Abstract. The article examines the role of the officer educator in the professional self-determination of cadets. By organizing pedagogical support for the professional self-determination of cadet institution students, the officer-educator, together with the teaching staff, psychologist, social pedagogue and management, creates psychological and pedagogical conditions for his wards that allow them to consciously choose a future profession in accordance with their needs and capabilities. The article considers the main directions of career guidance work of an officer educator with cadets on their professional self-determination: professional information, professional agitation, professional education, professional diagnostics, professional counseling. Using various areas of work in career guidance classes, the officer educator introduces cadets to military and civilian professions, with the basic psychophysical requirements imposed on them. Professional self-determination presupposes the formation of a motivated professional intention among students of cadet institutions, which is based on the cadets’ awareness of their socio-economic needs and an adequate assessment of their psychophysiological capabilities. It is noted that each area of work of the officer educator on professional self-determination of cadets has its own characteristics that affect the conscious choice of the cadet of his future profession. When solving the problem of the formation of socio-professional self-determination, the officer-educator, together with a psychologist and a social teacher of the cadet corps, determines the optimal psychological and pedagogical conditions for accompanying each individual cadet, taking into account his mental and anatomical and physiological characteristics. The article discusses the need to organize the regular work of an officer-educator with cadets for their professional support. The article is devoted to the actual problem of military professional orientation of cadets. In conclusion, the importance of the career guidance work of the officer educator in the system of organization of education of modern cadets is determined.

Keywords: cadet, officer-educator, professional self-determination, career guidance, cadet corps.


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