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Abstract. The author of the article is trying to contribute to the actualization of the problem concerning the pedagogical training of officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the contradictions of which have been exacerbated by a number of unreasonable decisions at the initial stage of modern military reform. Having touched upon the traditional foundations of pedagogical training, the reformers have complicated the professional activities of an officer, in which the tasks of training and educating personnel still occupy a leading place. The author turns to the historical analysis of the accumulation of ideas, principles and foundations of the pedagogical training of officers. A general overview of ideas and productive pedagogical decisions is given, including an analysis of the historical factors that conditioned them. The author comes to the conclusion about the need for a creative study of the pedagogical heritage of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the context of the problem of the pedagogical training of an officer. The implementation of traditional ideas and approaches is associated with the features of the national military school, its development. the formation of its foundations is an irreversible process in which traditions occupy the main place. He is convinced that the invariant ideological core of the pedagogical training of a Russian officer was formed in the cultural and historical process and not a single idea can be “thrown out” of it in the interests of a certain vision of Russian military reform. This must be taken into account in the interests of Russia and its national security.

Keywords: officer, pedagogical training, ideas, traditions, military pedagogy, military universities.


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