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1Saint Petersburg Military Order of Zhukov Institute troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation

Abstract. The article discusses aspects of the preparation of future officers for the training of military personnel in historical and pedagogical retrospect. The historical and pedagogical aspects of the problem under study are considered in accordance with the periodization adopted in the civil national history. The analysis of the degree of research of the topic carried out by the author allowed us to conclude that the designated problem is an actual object and subject of research of domestic scientists, historians and teachers, but insufficiently researched in the issue of pedagogical training of future officers for the training of military personnel at the turn of the XVIII – XX centuries. At the initial stage of the study, the author reveals the connections between professional training and the preparation of future officers for conducting training sessions. Based on current scientific and theoretical sources of information and materials of domestic researchers, the article reveals the stages of formation and development of military pedagogical training of future officers in the context of formation.

Keywords: preparation of future officers for the training of military personnel, pedagogical training of future officers, pedagogical potential, military-professional training of officers, pedagogical training of officers.


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