ISSN 2409-7616

Vildanov I.R., Ishbulatov M.G., Larkina M.S., Usmanova A.R., Salakhov R.R.



UDC 37.012

Vildanov I.R.1 (Ufa, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Ishbulatov M.G.2 (Ufa, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Larkina M.S.1 (Ufa, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Usmanova A.R.1 (Ufa, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Salakhov R.R.1 (Ufa, Russian Federation) – E-mail:

1Bashkir state University

2Bashkir State Agrarian University

Abstract. The study of the content and mapping of agriculture is relevant today, both in cartography and in society and the economy in general. The main tasks of agriculture include: ensuring greater stability and growth in production; increased productivity in the crop and livestock sectors. A comprehensive agricultural map was drawn up to assess agricultural development. A separate area was considered as an example. Before compiling the map, a brief physical and geographical description of the study area was collected. To create the map, a detailed analysis of literature, atlases, maps, Internet sources was carried out, and conversations were held with the head of the department of agriculture and agricultural enterprises of the district in order to collect the necessary data on agricultural enterprises in the district. The main source of information was the statistical data of the Department of Agriculture and the Information and Consulting Center of the Administration of the Municipal District of the Ermekeevsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan. To compile the map, a vector graphics editor CorelDRAW was chosen, a map program was developed, which includes eight main points and serves as the main normative document for further drawing up a map. Thus, the purpose of the map, its mathematical basis, content, methods of image and design, principles of generalization, information base, geographical characteristics of the territory of the region, technology of making a map were determined. The map shows in detail large agricultural enterprises of the Ermekeyevsky region, shows their main agricultural indicators, indicates the geographical basis (settlements, hydrographic objects, communication routes, borders). This information can be useful to employees of ministries, administration, agricultural department, specialists of the department of economics, students of educational institutions.

Keywords: method of drawing up a map, Ermekeyevsky district, municipal district, agricultural map, thematic map, physical and geographical characteristics, Corel DRAW, Republic of Bashkortostan.


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Vildanov I.R., Ishbulatov M.G., Larkina M.S., Usmanova A.R., Salakhov R.R. Methodology of complexing agricultural map of municipal level (on the example of Ermekeevsky district). CITISE, 2022, no. 1, pp.20-31. DOI: