ISSN 2409-7616

Kvitkovskaya A.A., Kozlovskaya D.I., Kozlovskaya S.N.



UDC 373.58

Abstract. In the modern conditions of the development of Russian society, the study of the influence of socio-pedagogical conditions on the professional self-determination of schoolchildren in the changing world of professions is of particular relevance. In the Russian economy, the ongoing changes have caused changes in the field of professions that are more in demand in the labor market, which has led to a change in the social prestige and status of professions. These conditions significantly affect the professional choice of schoolchildren. This is confirmed by the results of the study, which were obtained by Worldskills Russia with the support of the Ministry of Education. It was revealed that 5% of respondents have decided on a profession, and more than 70% of schoolchildren have not yet decided which profession to choose. This problem should be solved by joint efforts at different levels. A special role in the professional self-determination of schoolchildren is assigned to school, higher education, secondary vocational education, society and family. In the process of education, schoolchildren receive new knowledge, the education of a person who is ready for independent decisions and is capable of self-determination in professional activities continues. At the same time, every student gets the opportunity to actively determine their life position in the future professional activity in the professional space. Under the influence of the mass media, the external environment, an idea of prestigious and non-prestigious professions, in-demand and in-demand specialties, well-earning and low-paid specialists is formed in the student’s mind. This approach largely devalues the idea that each profession is good in its own way, thereby there is a process of imposing a “foreign” opinion on the student, which absolutely does not correspond to either his abilities or the objective needs of the labor market. The authors believe that professional self-determination of high school students is a multifactorial personal process, which is influenced by socio-pedagogical conditions.

Keywords: professional self-determination, profession, socio-pedagogical conditions, business game, choice of profession.


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Kvitkovskaya A.A., Kozlovskaya D.I., Kozlovskaya S.N. Socio-pedagogical conditions affecting the professional self-determination of schoolchildren in the changing world of professions. CITISE, 2021, no. 4, pp.272-286. DOI: